Aerial Hammock Summer Hill

Summer Hill Aerial Hammock Classes

Imagine being suspended from the ceiling in soft cocoon while learning tricks and sequences that will challenge you on a 3 dimensional level!

Our aerial hammock classes provide a fun and unique way to develop a strong core, great flexibility, and posture.

Located in The Loft, our aerial studio in Summer Hill has 9 rated points available. We cater to all body types, ages and levels of fitness – you do not need to be able to do a chin up to participate!

Learn From Qualified Aerial Hammock Instructors

Our qualified instructors will guide you step by step into a world of fun. Come and learn to fly in a welcoming, inclusive, open-minded community!
Aerial Hammock
Aerial Hammock
Aerial Hammock at Feetup Fitness Studio
Aerial Hammock

The Benefits Of Aerial Fitness

Aerial hammock classes naturally enhance your flexibility. As you maneuver through various poses, your body stretches and strengthens. These movements target multiple muscle groups, including some that are often overlooked in traditional workouts.

Our workouts will help you develop a strong core, as you balance and hold poses. Regular practice leads to improved strength, which is crucial for overall body stability and injury prevention.

Beyond all the physical and mental health benefits, aerial hammock classes offer a fun and unique way to work out. They bring excitement and a sense of adventure to your fitness routine, keeping you motivated and engaged.

Introductory Offer

Any 5 classes for $90. Come and try a variety of classes before you decide which membership is for you!