Matwork Pilates Summer Hill

Summer Hill Matwork Pilates Classes

Matwork Pilates focuses on strengthening, lengthening and engaging the core correctly.

During class your instructor will target the entire body, with a strong focus on the core and breath, to help you exercise with mind-body connection awareness

So frequently in this busy day and age, we hear people say “I am spending way too many hours just sitting at my desk!” If you fall into the category, and are experiencing lower back pain as a result, then Matwork Pilates is the class for you!

This class is low impact, with high results. Welcome to all levels and essential to leading a healthier lifestyle.

Our Loft Studio

Discover the Essence of Matwork Pilates

Embrace the foundational principles of Matwork Pilates, including precision, control, and fluidity. Our classes at Feetup Fitness Studio Summer Hill cover a wide range of exercises, from basic to advanced, ensuring a comprehensive workout for the entire body. Whether it’s your first Pilates class or you’re a regular practitioner, you’ll find the sessions both challenging and rewarding.

pilates summer hill
Matwork Pilates Classes at Feetup Fitness Studio Summer Hill

Matwork Pilates Group Sessions

Our group Matwork Pilates classes are designed to not only teach the correct techniques of Pilates but also to provide a rejuvenating workout that tones and strengthens the body. We regularly update our routines to keep the classes engaging and to continuously challenge your body and mind. Our certified Pilates instructors are skilled in offering modifications and progressions to cater to different fitness levels and personal goals. They ensure that each participant receives the attention and guidance necessary for a safe and effective practice.

Introductory Offer

Any 5 classes for $90. Come and try a variety of classes before you decide which membership is for you!